~Cut Throat trout~“Oncorhynchus clarkii”

~a 44″ hand carved and painted sculpture~

This is a carving of a “cut throat trout…this species of trout probably has more color phases than any other trout species…Oregon, California, Idaho, Montana, Wyoming and Colorado all have these fish swimming in their waters…and all are distinctly different…some of them if looked at side by side would be thought to be an entirely different species altogether…
 ~these carvings are finished on all sides viewable from 360 degrees~
water temps and clarity…density of various minerals in the water too play a big role…I know in areas where mining was once a big deal, the fish tend to be a bit darker…also their are isolated groups of this fish that have been separate for millenia…it has been the goal of many departments of natural resources in various states to keep these sub species separated to continue their special & unique differences…
the Scientific name of this species get its latter half from one of the partners commissioned by Thomas Jefferson to explore the western areas of America in the early 1800’s…Lewis and Clarke…the latter being given part of the latin name for this species …
~dorsal fine detail~
~ shading the colors with out using an airbrush is a little challenging~
~although similar both sides have their own personality~
according to the texts, this species was so plentiful at that time it seemed possible to walk on them to cross rivers and creeks…
I chose a rather demure version similar to the trout from Idahos Snake River…I wanted to “hand rub ” in all the colors to allow the wood grains to come through…when you paint the finished sculpture it can have a tendency to lose them…and on this one I wanted to keep it “alive”…
~here’s the “cut” after the basic rough carving is completed, I love the woods natural grain and wanted to let it come through as much as possible on this one~
on this carving I did all the painting entirely with just an artists brush and my fingers…rubbing all the stains and paints for a different effect…no air brush etc…


~hand carved and painted eyes, no plastic fakes in my art!~

~like all my carvings I do make all the eyes by hand…carving them first then painting by hand…making these very unique indeed!…the plastic or glass imitations are a short cut I’m not interested in…we have way to much dependence on technology nowadays…anywhere I can cut that tie I do!~

some how the imperfection’s that come about from being handmade adds something special to the carving’s…the eyes always seem to be the beginning focus point when folks view them…of course there are some carvings that are so perfect that they appear to be the fiberglass molds…personally I thing that art needs to have a signature other than the typical kind…and for me the “patina” of tool marks or blemishes are a full on additive to the appreciation &  value derived…

the “scientific” sculpture genre for me is an unnecessary attempt in the realm…a little “humanity” adds something very , very special!…but I’m an artist…and this is for sure an imperfect medium…


~adipose and vent fin details~


~sometimes I like to try close ups with my cell phone, nowadays its all I use for my pictures on the website since my nice canon broke~

I can finish this carving in any one of the variations if preferred…I can paint this in the “Yellowstone” version, or the Colorado ” green humpback” for example…whichever species , even if I don’t have my own personal experience with them ,I can research pictures to use as a guide…or if you have a special one of your own!


~this is a “super size” carving…44″ in length~

~finished on all sides for viewing from any angle~

~ a cut throat this size might end the problems they are having in Yellowstone with the introduced Lake Trout eating all the smaller cut’s…could even up the playing field…LOL!

I have personally caught this species in the Rocky Mountains , mostly in Colorado…they are famous for their “bullet shapes”, and being very aggressive on the take…I offer this as a 360 degree hanging mount or also as a 3 sided mount meant to hang on a wall…for the latter contact me for more info…they run about 25% less in cost.
This is a very eco-friendly way to remember an exceptional catch…or just to share in the beauty of this creature…


~I spend a good bit of time carving in details to the fins of these fish~

these carvings meant for display in a shop, restaurant, cabin or lodge…they hang 26″ from either a ceiling overhead mount…I carve these to be viewed from any angle…all sides, top, bottom etc…anywhere it can be seen it is finished!…I originally started to make carvings this large for my shop…then had others ask for them too…they really are conversation starters…some of my large art hangs in restaurants, fishing lodges and other gathering places…but is also very special in a cabin or hanging in front of a nice fireplace in your home…


~pectoral fin & gill plate detail~

~allowing the natural grain of the wood to show through gives a special “patina” to the sculpture~

my carvings are done 100% by hand using the most basic sculptors tools…from blocks of pine that are seasoned to a perfect moisture level…all painting is done by hand as well, no stencils or aids as used by some…my calipers are the fingers on my hands…my measuring tool is my eyes!…and the eyes are made by myself using several layers of gold leaf and pigmented paints coated again with several layers of clear epoxy to give a very realistic look…no factory made imitations …that would not accomplish for me my goal of a hand work…
 ~vent fin detail~
what I offer here is an alternative for some that want a replica or art work of a special fish with a more eco-friendly impact…not to mention the fact that its entirely done by hand …the amount of glue, paint etc in one of my finished carvings would fill a coffee cup …less than 6 ounces…whereas one of the fiberglass molded products a few gallons…and in a fish this size probably 3-4+ gallons…that’s a lot of toxic stuff!
~details of the “caudal” fin~
carving and painting this fish was & is a real reminder to me of a special time in my favorite place…the Rocky Mountains!…maybe it can be the same for you!
~vent and adipose fin details~
here are the twelve trout, salmon and char in this series…
~sockeye salmon~ ~brown trout~ ~rainbow trout~
~chinook salmon~ ~cut throat trout~ ~dolly varden~
~lake trout~ ~brook trout~ ~steelhead~
~tiger trout~ ~coho salmon~ ~cut-bow trout~
~atlantic salmon~ ~grayling~
I would love to carve and paint one especially for you…wm