~wandering monk’s gallery of carved trout , salmon & char 


~hand carved and painted 43″ “Mackinaw,

or “Lake Trout~

~my etsy shop where I sell my carvings~


~Cut Throat Trout”, 44″, signed and numbered~

~a unique blend of staining and paints make this cuthroat appear lifelike when presented, allowing the woods natural grains to come out and enhance the carving, but also appropriately placed paints to add realism too~


~43″ Arctic Char, or “Dolly Varden”~


 ~Close up of the “Dolly Varden”~

…I use my own special proprietary process on the eyes…

~my carvings are quite often confused with taxidermy mounts~

~ the  series of  12 I am carving 20 each of~

~sockeye salmon~ 

  ~brown trout~   

~rainbow trout~ 

~silver salmon~   

 ~cut throat trout~  

~dolly varden~

 ~lake trout~  

~brook trout~   


 ~tiger trout~  

~chinook salmon~  

~striped bass~ 

~atlantic salmon~    


~white highlight text pages still being worked on~


~carving season is a fun time… firewood and fly fishing is not far away!~

~yours truly with a big steelhead~and yep…this is a big fish!…


~my old set of chisels and knives along with skills I acquired from my mentors, along with a few of my own,  really make special details come alive~



 ~ sockeye salmon, 42″, each tooth is carved individually~


~the same carving prior to the finish’s being applied~

~I try to leave subtle scales on the salmon’s body~

~I also do a stained series for more of a contemporary finish that really brings out the woods grain and natural beauty that some really like~


~meticulous  dorsal fin detail on a 46″ striped bass~

~this carving is now hanging at a free divers home in Massachusetts~



~a snake river cut throat~



~some wooden chrome, all hand painted~


~pectoral fin detail on this “Mackinaw”~

~I use three different layers and shades of bronze and gold to try and copy this fishes colors in nature~


~when I mount the pectoral and pelvic fins, I use a special mounting system I developed to allow for some flexibility~



~rather than using production glass or plastic eyes, I carve my own from wood and then paint them, and coat them with clear epoxy to give a realistic look…




does it take more time? of course, but I am not interested in short cuts…and being dependent on some technology to complete my art…its just part of me doing the best I can…cutting corners to save money is not the way I do things!




~eye detail on a striped bass~




…here’s a 44″ steelhead…painted as they appear coming right from the ocean!~



…here you can see that glow, and this is before the final detail work on the clear epoxy, and the foundation spots beginning around the eye too…


~carving and painting my own eyes is a lot of work…but worth it for me…way too much dependence on all the technology  nowadays…anywhere I can do things “old school” I surely do!~




~this “Sockeye Salmon” for sure has a pre-historic look to them…when I was carving this fish I was reminded of an ichthyosaurus  fossil I found last summer while doing a stone masonry job~




~this brown carving has over 2,000 spots on it…gold leaf is used for accent~



~I carve all these fish from slabs of center cut pine …they are finished on all sides…38-44″ in length depending on the species…I make the eyes myself from layers of clear epoxy and pigmented colors~



~dorsal fin detail on a “Mackinaw”~


 I use up to 12 different layers of stains and paints to try and reproduce the colors of these fish!

~all painted by hand~


~here are the 12 species offered in this series~

1…Rainbow Trout…a typical tailwater trout from Cheesman Canyon
2…Cut Throat Trout…patterned after a special fish from the Snake River
3…Brown Trout…a fall spawner from Clear Creek caught with one of my bamboo rods!
4…Cut-Bow Trout…a special fish from the North Fork of the South Platte River
5…Steelhead Trout…an Oregon cruiser from the Columbia River
6…Tiger Trout…an incredible fish from the North Fork in Park County
7…Brook Trout…a special fish I caught on a Colorado freestone…a member of the char family
8…Sockeye Salmon…an Alaskan spawner…could interchange with a Kokanee too
9…Lake Trout…the largest member of the Char family…this one from the Finger Lakes..
10…Silver Salmon…also known as an ocean going Coho
11…Bull Trout…also known as “Dolly Varden”, a male in spawning colors

12…Grayling…an incredibly beautiful fish from Alaska with a dorsal fin that has some awesome coloration!


~above are a few of the templates I use to “rough out” the slabs prior to carving…I also use them for fin locators and eye lines etc…the tiger template is the one on the bottom…every carving, even though it is patterned from the same template, still have a personality all their own…I do them all “one at a time”, no production line process ~


… I make special flexible fasteners to hold the pectoral & pelvic fins on…


~this Lake Trout is patterned after a finger lakes catch from many years ago~


~pelvic fin detail on this “Mackinaw”~


~I make some plastic fittings to affix the pectoral and pelvic fins…it assures that shipping wont harm the carving…also makes them durable from the potential “bump” while hanging~

~in a breeze, they can appear to be swimming in current~



 ~the carvings view very nicely from all directions…having a 3 dimensional appearance…I carve twists and curves into the fins to give them some extra realism, rather than do the typical “taxidermy style” view with twists and turns, I carve these fish like I see them in a waters current…~



~I make the eyes from layers of epoxy with various paints in between layers…the clear epoxy runs through completely from one side of the carving to the other(eye to eye)…even though its coated with a little gold and black paint for the pupil, some light passes through bringing it to life with a soft glow…especially outside or when its placed near some sunlight~


~mouth and mandible detail on this Lake Trout~


~ a brown trout before final finishing~

~I can also finish the carvings with a simpler stain finish too~

~I would love to carve and paint one especially for you…wm~

~contact me if you have a special fish not on my list in this series…

if it swims I can carve it!


I also carve on special order extra large size trout and salmon…5-6 feet in length and 12″ wide…I do these for restaurants and fly shops etc…just contact me…


~a 46″ long, 27″ girth “Striper”~

           this one is now hanging at an old freediver friends house in Massachusetts now…

~all pictures and text property of wmflyrodco and can only be used with written permission~