Currently I am focusing in the shop on rods for the upcoming road trip…so the number of finished rods being offered is limited…custom orders only are being taken at this time with a few exceptions.

I have two newly built 3 pc. “Native Angler”series (rod #1 & 3)

both are 4wt 7 & 1/2 footers w/medium actions

…#1 has recoil style strippers…#3 has standard ceramic ring stripping guides…

and one 3 pc. “Rainmaker”series No. 24/100 (rod #2) …a 4wt 7 &1/2 footer also

a slightly faster action rod…

~all come with extra tips and one of mycustom made  hex case stained

& flamed to match the rod blanks~

…contact me if you are interested…

…I will be glad to send some more pics…






~email me for more pics or information~




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